Tuesday, December 29, 2009

europane chocolate tart

Europane Chocolate TartThere are many reasons why there is often a long line at the award winning Europane Bakery and this chocolate tart is clearly one of them.

The tarts start appearing at noon, after they have been baked and cooled down enough for the chocolate to set. I have seen people reserve them, wait for them and almost come to blows over them.

Last weekend I arrived before they were cooled and had to wait 15 minutes before I could take mine home. It was well worth the wait.

The chocolate is silky with just a touch of hazelnut to give it some depth, and the crust is a sable crust which sets the creaminess of the chocolate off perfectly. I love Sable Crusts - they're the kind of crust that is like a shortbread cookie that crumbles away in that oh_so_wonderful way that makes it feel as though it's melting in your mouth.

For the serial chocoholic, the chocolate offerings are not limited to the chocolate tart. There are also pain au chocolat, chocolate macaroons, a chocolate meringue cookie that has nice big dark chocolate chunks, an amazingly rich brownie, and once in a while a little slice of a chocolate layer cake on a square of wax paper. Honestly, you'll have to take one for the chocolate team and try them all.

Mouth watering? My only warning is to get there early as master chef Sumi Chang's wares move quickly.

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