Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweetly Demented

Sweetly Demented White Chocolate Skullall photographs ©
Ron Dunlap Photography
If the recent holidays, Valentines and Easter has taken you overboard with saccharine sweetness in the form of hearts with velvet ribbons and cute bunnies then a visit to Sweetly Demented is clearly in order.

Sivonne Imnotelling's vision is a slightly maleovolent, more sinister twist of the dark side of chocolate (although she uses white and milk chocolate too). Inspired by Tim Burton who Sivonne claims to have "watched too much of..." (as if you could ever watch too much of Tim Burton), Sweetly Demented seems to be the lovechild of Tim Burton, Edward Gorey with a sprinkle of some Victorian malfeasance mixed in.

The chocolate is all cleverly designed: Bird Skulls, your strange relatives wooden souvenir, a dissident candy rose in a ornate chocolate frame - all perfect for the a slightly twisted, gothic love - or better, an unrequited love. Hunger Games anyone?

Bird Skulls

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