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teuscher chocolates

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Ron Dunlap/Doglight Studios
Without question, producing good chocolate is a serious business. Search the world for the finest cocoa. Seek out the best ingredients for fillings. Take the time to perfect the recipes. But at Teuscher Chocolates you can have a little fun too.

Teuscher Chocolates has a delightful history. It's fabled tale starts 70 years ago in a small shop in the Swiss Alps. Today each chocolate is still made to the same exacting Swiss standards in Zürich and flown weekly to stores around the globe. You can even enjoy the original recipes.

The interior of the shop is like being inside the kind of candy box a child would delight in. Bright colors, pink ribbons and charming gift boxes decorated with silk flowers or in the form of silly animals like whimsical birds and hedgehogs adorn the shop. When I was little, these boxes would be exactly what I would select as a gift box for my parents. What's even more fun is that these lively creations are actually part of a cottage industry in Zürich and each box is signed by the person who assembled it to ensure pride of workmanship.

Teuscher carries their playfulness into their chocolates as well. You can find chocolates in the shape of butterflies, kitties, dogs and fish. And, if none of those meets your fancy, there are over 100 varieties to select from.

When asked about recommendations, the friendly staff quickly suggests enjoying chocolates in pairs which is a novel idea that I plan to adopt. For example, you might pair a Pistachio with a Dark Chocolate Log; a Marzipan with a Hazelnut Clusters or a Montelimar, (French nougat with pistachio and almond) with the popular Dark Butter Crunch. We're told it all depends on your mood, the same way some of us might choose our outfit each day.

Each chocolate I sampled had the precision that we have come to expect from the Swiss. We are told they are unbending in creating their chocolates the Swiss way which is good for us because a lot of thought has gone into each chocolate, and they are really, uniquely good. But, my favorite chocolate, hands down is the signature Teuscher Champagne Truffles that comes in dark and milk chocolate and houses a sinfully rich ganache with a heart of champagne cme. Seductive, creamy and flavorful, this is one truffle worth toasting over.

A dizzying array!

Tempting gift box selections - I'll take the large ones, note the plural, on the left!

Sales Associates Clark and Jacqueline with their favorite character boxes.

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