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vice chocolates

Vice ChocolatesAll photographs
Ron Dunlap/Doglight Studios
I started off my career in the toy industry then moved into online gaming. I always figured my next step in entertainment would likely be in porn - and when I had my first Vice Chocolate, I realized my prediction had come true.

Vice Chocolates live up to their name. They are silky, luxurious, rich and above all else, decadent. When you bite into a Vice Chocolate it seems as though the humdrum world drops away and what remains becomes a very sexy place. A world where dramatic mood lighting, long meaningful looks, double entendres and maybe some silk and leather thrown in is de rigueur.

We selected the Domina, an exquisite, golden, shimmery truffle to begin. Looks did not deceive. This chocolate lived up to its wicked promise. If a truffle could hold a whip and wear leather, this chocolate Vice Chocolate Dominawas packing a whip and dressed head to toe in black: rich dark chocolate ganache with a sensuous blend of Earl Grey tea, luscious crème fraiche with a hint of tangy orange.

We thought Vixen would only be appropriate after Domina. This experience starts with something sweet: a dark chocolate ganache with passion fruit. Then when you're about to walk away, you get hit with spicy Thai chili. Sweet and with a fiery aftertaste, exactly how a chocolate named Vixen should taste!

For those of you who perhaps enjoy a chocolate that is a little less edgy, don't despair. Vice Chocolates understands subtle knock out punches too. The Cherry Bomb is a very sophisticated take that combines espresso and a sliver of crunchy almond Vice Chocolate Fig & Anise Barwith a vivid cherry taste. The Lady Lavender, is all sheer, cool elegance; a smooth dark chocolate ganache scented delicately with lavender and vanilla.

We were also lucky to enjoy some custom and special edition Vice Chocolate truffles. La Fleur Blanc, was created for a La Prairie Cosmetics' product launch. This white chocolate enrobed truffle with jasmine, white tea and chardonnay was creamy, dreamy and just melted away in a sexy puddle on your tongue. My favorites though were the CocoBrat and the Lucky. CocoBrat is a truffle made with Prospect 772's wine (not surprisingly called "Brat") and was my personal favorite: smoky, sweet and lingering. And Lucky is an eclectic but masterful blend of black lager Lucky Hand Beer, fleur de sel and organic brown rice puffs. Lucky just might make the regular menu...if we're lucky (pun intended).

Vice Chocolate Fig & Anise BarHappily, our decadence did not end with the Vice Chocolate truffles. We just moved onto the Fig and Anise bar. Like all Vice Chocolates, the bar visually is a work of art - and the flavor is right in the mode of naughty and nice. Dried fig adds a sweetness and anise adds an edge. We've never tasted this combination before, but this bar was devoured in seconds - you simply can't stop after one taste. So we wholeheartedly embrace Vice Chocolate's motto - Just Give In.

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