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socola chocolatier

Socola Chocolate TruffleAll photographs ©
Ron Dunlap/Doglight Studios
There are some things you experience that invariably make you smile: a child's giggle, a beautiful sunset or playing with your best furry friend. Socola Chocolatier's truffles have this very same infectious quality from the moment you see their cheery packaging (which is almost too cute to open) to when you savor the last exquisite Socola truffle. Every detail has been carefully thought through all the way down to Harriet, their whimsical winged Alpaca mascot.

Socola Chocolatier offers a carefully curated selection of chocolates made with local and organic ingredients, including the award winning Straus Creamery, butter and cream. Their core offerings are downright ethereal and if you're lucky, you may be able to sample some of their tempting seasonal offerings that include Calmyrna Fig, Earl Grey Tea, Socola Chocolatier Truffle BoxSour Cherry and Pumpkin Caramel - that last one almost makes me drool just thinking about it.

The partners themselves, sisters Susan and Wendy, who are daughters of Vietnamese origin (Socola is chocolate in Vietnamese) are are as delightful as their chocolates. Their success story carries through each chocolate, in which flavors and textures are woven together in a masterful fashion.

Our delightful sampling included Burnt Baby Burnt, Give it to me Guava, Guinness, and Vietnamese Espresso.

Burnt Baby Burnt is Socola Chocolatier's version of burnt and salted caramel. Creamy and decadent, the burnt, smoky caramel flavor lingers on your tongue Socola Chocolatier Boxlong after you've finished off the truffle.

For anyone who favors fruity truffles, Give it to Me Guava is a must. The ganache has a jelly like texture, which, combined with the chocolate couverture, makes you want to do cartwheels after each bite.

Unusual taste combinations can be hit-or-miss. Sometimes they are surprisingly good and sometimes you realize there is a reason why those flavors aren't more mainstream. The Guinness though is a hit. I loved the malty hops flavor combined with the silky chocolate ganache. My idea of heaven would be to take a six-pack of Socola Chocolatier's Guinness truffles, sitting under a shady tree on a sunny day and readiing a good book. OK. Well maybe a twelve-pack would be more in Socola Chocolatier Gift Boxorder.

If you have never had a Vietnamese Coffee or Tea you must stop whatever you are doing, this very instant, and run to your nearest Vietnamese restaurant and try one. This beverage is basically a decadent combination of two vices: coffee and cream, the cream in the form of thick, condensed milk. On a hot day, cold day, or any day for that matter, nothing hits the spot like a Vietnamese Coffee or Tea. This is unfortunate as the beverage has enough calories to take you to next Tuesday. So, if you want to continue fitting into your skinny jeans, Socola Chocolatier offers a superior alternative in what amounts to just a sip of whole drink, and then they add chocolate to the mix. Packed into the Socola little Vietnamese Espresso truffle is a shot of fresh roasted Vietnamese coffee swirled in with rich, organic condensed milk. Of all the Socola chocolates, this particular truffle was hands down the favorite and vanished in milliseconds. Savor one and we guarantee you won't be able to suppress a smile.

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