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Hedonist Chocolates 2014 Spring Truffle Collection

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Ron Dunlap Photography
Girls and boys, if it's your waistline you're worried about come this Easter debauchery, you would be well advised to stay clear of Hedonist Chocolates latest truffle creations. These truffles are so sinfully addictive it's not the one truffle you need be worried about, it is the entire box. And how you will be tested. Each truffle is a careful balance of unusual flavors and creamy, velvety, rich textures that will require you to reach into your most deepest, darkest reserves to prevent yourself from taking the box, and turning into Gollum.

The beginning in this case starts with Hedonist's beautiful packaging, perfect as a gift for you, a friend, a lover - and did we mention for you?

Inside we found this devastating, array of truffles: Tarragon Carrot, Cardamom Rosewater, Hibiscus Cordial, Strawberry Rhubarb, Earl Grey Caramel and Strawberry Rhubarb.

We started out chocolate bender with Tarragon Carrot because it sounded so unusual. The truffle itself is a work of art with a beautiful little candied piece of carrot on it. Still, we did wonder - would we like it? Who knew chocolate, carrot and tarragon was a match made in heaven? This is so good you feel like you want to get an entire vat of the filling and just crawl into it. The earthy sweet carrot flavor blends perfectly with the chocolate and the Tarragon leaves just a perfect - almost minty after taste. And so for all of you who love to try something different we highly recommend this jewel. This truffle was my personal favorite.

Next, we forced ourselves to sample the Cardamom Rosewater. I am a sucker for the spice Cardamom and this chocolate did not disappoint. Wonderful and rich with the gingery, cinnamony taste of Cardomom with a light ribbon of Rosewater to dance on your tastebuds after the chocolate has melted deliciously away. We made short order of this Truffle and we think a box of these chocolates would be de rigueur if you're hoping to get lucky or needing to get out of the doghouse.

The Hibiscus Cordial attracted us next. This is the truffle with the elegant hibiscus petal perched on top. A word to the wise - do not cut or attempt to share this chocolate. Instructions: pop into your bouche, bite down and as the cordial bursts, close your eyes and enjoy the burst of flowery flavor. Delicious and if you are a Chocolate covered cherry fanatic - this most certainly needs to be added to your chocolate bucket list.

For tea and salted caramel lovers, Hedonist Chocolates presents the Earl Grey Caramel. And just like every confection in this collection - it is just enough unique - not unique for unique's sake mind you, but unique in that it's a sensation of taste, flavor and texture. So good.

The last chocolate we tried was the Strawberry Rhubarb. This one was my husband's favorite. When sliced open, the truffle revealed a tiny layer of strawberry and rhubarb jelly and underneath rich velvety truffle. Simply divine and the most perfect way to end our Hedonist chocolate tasting.

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