Thursday, April 29, 2010

hedonist chocolates

Hedonist ChocolatesFor some reason, I have always thought of chocolate dipped fruits and nuts and chocolate barks as the poor chocolate relations to the tonier truffle and bon-bon families. However, Hedonist Chocolates has set me straight.

We started our debauchery with the Fruit and Nut Collection. This comes in beautiful gift box - the kind of gift box you get where you know you're going to get something gooood. It's the kind of gift that you give where "it looks like far more than what you paid for," not that anyone would ever evaluate a gift like that.

The box opens to reveal not just what you normally think of with a dipped fruit or nut, but a jewel-like array of exquisite chocolates that take your breath away. So beautiful, you almost don't want to eat them...not.
Hedonist Chocolate Fruit and Nut Collection
All the Hedonist Fruit and Nuts were dipped or covered in this insanely, rich chocolate that just melts away like silk on your tongue. The Apricot was nice and tangy and the Pistachio Cluster had an abundance of perfectly toasted, crunchy pistachios. The standouts included the Cranberry-Pecan: dried slightly sour and chewy cranberries elegantly combined with the texture of toasted pecans, and the Candied Orange Peel: a gourmet version of that enchanting taste combination of orange and chocolate. My favorite Hedonist Fruit & Nut, one that I could easily spend the rest of my life gorging myself on, is the Candied Ginger. The candied ginger has a slight sugary crust that reveals a soft chewy gingery center that with the sumptuous chocolate covering really makes you Hedonist Chocolate Fruit and Nut Collectionbelieve a higher power must exist.

Hedonist Chocolates barks are also of note and the packaging showcases them to their alluring best. The Ginger Pistachio is studded with toasted buttery nuts and the same excellent candied ginger used in the Fruit and Nut collection. All of this is in a thick, luxurious, dark chocolate bark. My favorite bark was the Milk Chocolate Sesame Bark. I have never had chocolate with sesame before and after taking a bite I wondered why I have been deprived for so long. The salty, sweet, combination is thoroughly addictive and everyone went rapidly back for seconds, thirds and fourths until there were only a few sad, abandoned sesame seeds left. These remnants, still too good to waste, were then picked up by a resourceful chocoholic with a sticky finger and poof, they vanished leaving behind only a satisfying memory of extraordinary chocolate.

Hedonist Chocolate Bark

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