Friday, February 27, 2015

michel cluizel

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Valentine's may be over, but hearts never to out of style. Michel Cluizel's Coeur d'Amour, which is fancy schmancy French for Hearts of Love are the year round perfect gift for anyone dear to you. That might include a good friend needing a pick me up, your partner to let them know you love them, your lover - (it's French isn't it?) and even for your cat, even though everyone knows it's not your cat that will be eating them.

An unspecified time ago, after all I am une femme d'un certain age which means in French, "Don't ask me my age, it's really rude and I am not going to answer you anyway", I used to live in Canada. We had this candy called Smarties.These are not the thin candy wafers in six incredible flavors but instead the Canadian version of M&M's.
Imagine Smarties, without the colors and instead of mass produced chocolate (nothing wrong with that), each little candy reveals a rich, dark chocolate center that is 72% cacao and delivers that rich chocolate taste that only a master chocolatier like Michel Cluizel can deliver. The combination of textures, the first satisfying crunch when you bite into these and then the  72% cacao center makes these little hearts irresistible. And to top it off, the chocolates comes in a darling giftable tin with a red grosgrain bow. It's really a perfect gift for the chocolate enthusiasts in your life.

And if you happen to be a baker, I see these little hearts scattered jauntily over your baked goods. Cupcakes anyone?

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