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jcoco chocolates

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Jcoco knows, presentation isn't everything but when you have the whole nine yards going, from joyous, brightly colored packaging and velvety, dazzling flavors you have three 3 oz of pure joy in your hands.

Jcoco doesn't skimp on your pleasure. To start, their vivid packaging in bright greens, purples and fanciful designs brings to mind the same anticipation you have when unwrapping a package from you favorite luxury retailer. Jcoco, is the Tiffany of chocolates. The packaging is made from gorgeous thick board that just screams class - except when does class every have to scream? Inside each box is another surprise. Three mini-bars await you, delightfully wrapped with happy inspiring black and white photos. This makes these exquisite chocolate bars the perfect gift for your favorite chocoholics this upcoming gift-giving season. And if giving chocolate weren't enough - every purchase of jcoco gives back in the form of a fresh, healthy serving of food to someone who would otherwise go without. Affiliated with The Greater Boston Food Bank, Northwest Harvest,SF Marin Food Bank and Food Bank for New York City this is one chocolate that goes beyond delivering sensational couture flavors.

We might also add, many of these chocolate offerings are all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher so you can reduce your sweet tooth guilt factor too!

After being smitten with the presentation, my Argentine Tango classmates eagerly began our tasting. We started of course with Peanut Strawberry Baobab as it came in the brightest packaging, and we're all for shiny objects. If you still crave for PB&J in your lunchbox this chocolate has your name written all over it. Immersed in a rich, dark chocolate, you pick up nice crunch bits of peanuts and a surprisingly, satisfying rich, chewy strawberry pâté.

Our instructor demanded the Agave Quinoa Sesame next. This bar boasts little puffed pieces of quinoa that crunch delicately under your teeth, followed by a sexy honey (actually agave) flavor and then ending in that unique taste of toasted sesame. We were all silenced momentarily until she declared this was her favorite chocolate ever and promptly claimed the remaining bar and went to teach the Viennese Waltz.

One bar short but still rich with experience we tackled the Black Fig Pistachio next. Figs have a special place in my heart. We have a Black Mission Fig tree in our yard. This tree has become the watering hole for animals of every persuasion - red foxes, skunks, possoms, Red Cheeked Bulbuls, Mockingbirds, Western Jays and a squirrel named Oliver to name a few who get sloshed with fermented figs. But I digress. I have a soft spot for figs, pun intended. In this confection, the figs pair with a toasted, fresh pistachios so you have the complex, chewy chorus of figs paired with tasty, crispy nuts.

Our last bar was the Edamame Sea Salt. This had to be especially most excellent because it knocked the Black Fig Pistachio off my list for my favorite chocolate bar. The edamames are toasted, making them quite different that how you might usually enjoy them. As such they acquire a habit inducing nutty taste and with the touch of salt gives this a unique sophisticated flavor. A flavor, that creeps into your mind and soul and permanently into your dreams.

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