Thursday, April 8, 2010

aroa fine chocolates

Once in a while, and generally not often enough, you deserve a day of pampering. Once that meant getting your hair and nails done, a facial, a massage and perhaps buying some newfangled lotions that you know will absolutely change your life. But, in these economic times, you have to be more resourceful. You can create that same wonderful spa experience in the comfort of your own home. This involves locking yourself, and everyone else in your life out of the bathroom (except maybe your cat), running a hot bath with some salts, oils and bubble bath, or whatever combination of those elixirs appeals to you, lighting some scented candles and stepping in and relaxing. But to complete the effect, I believe bon-bons are in order. That is where the luxurious Aroa Fine Chocolates come in.

Since this is all about experience, I must describe the Aroa Fine Chocolates packaging. This is not a thin, flimsy, cardboard box but a box with heft and quality. The kind of box that could just as easily hold velvet and something that is measured in carats. When you peel back the tissue paper you reveal a treasure just as gratifying as one that might sparkle from your ear: extraordinary chocolate.

For our sampling we enjoyed four Aroa Chocolates. These chocolates are as sumptuous as they look so if you plan to take the time to enjoy more than four chocolates, you might end up with the unwanted side effect of looking like a raisin after your home spa.

The first chocolate we tried was the Earl Grey. I love tea flavors and this elegant chocolate was a wonderful blend of sensuous ganache with a distinct but not overpowering Earl Grey flavor.

Our next chocolate was the Lavender, a creamy, buttery, sinful ganache enrobed in white chocolate and sprinkled with pink sugar. One word: decadent. It is the same feeling you have when you've indulged in something you shouldn't have (maybe that designer bag?)

The last two chocolates we enjoyed were among the most beautiful chocolates we have ever seen. Each had a lavish gold design. These photos do not do them justice because in the photograph, you cannot see how they shimmy and shimmer before they are devoured. I happen to love chocolates with cinnamon but the addition of cardamom in the Chai bon-bon made this Aroa Fine Chocolate extra special. We finished with the Passionfruit. What made this chocolate stand out was the tartness of the fruit balanced with something minty while the ganache retained its buttery goodness and consistency.

All in all, after our tasting we felt pampered from head to toe.

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