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terrasource chocolates

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Once in a while you get something unexpected. A photo enforcement ticket comes in the mail, even though you were praying ever since you saw the light flashed that it was for someone else's car. Then not only do you have to pay the ticket, you have to see a snapshot and ask yourself, do I really look like that? Do I really have my mouth open when I'm turning left? Why doesn't my photo look more like Gisele, whom I'd prefer to look like? Why is life so unfair? Other times the unexpected is much better. For example, when you go shopping and the shirt you have been eyeing has been discounted to a price that you can actually afford. You feel the gods have shined on you. And that feeling is the precise feeling you get when you have a TerraSource chocolate.

It would be safe to say that if it's chocolate I'll like it. But generally, vegan chocolates are a different experience from traditional chocolates that can use cream, butter and sugar with reckless abandon. So, vegan chocolates ,while still delicious, are generally less creamy and the flavors are different from what we are accustomed to. Well, TerraSource chocolates turns all that upside down. TerraSource chocolates are creamy and richly flavorful and in a blind taste test, it would be impossible to know these are vegan chocolates.

The rich and creamy chocolate taste is coupled with Josie Pradella's unique ability to pair flavors. Her chocolates are so thoughtfully created that each one will stop you in your tracks.

As I happen to love coconut, we started with Coconut Dream. The chocolate has a wonderful chocolate shell and the creamy filling has just the right amount coconut shreds for some crunch. When you are finished you wonder, what is that other taste that makes this so heavenly? Then you realize, Josie Pradella has added a touch of rum.

For a tangy, fruity chocolate, you must try the Pomegranate White Tea. What's special about this chocolate is that after you get the tangy, fruity taste of pomegranate, it is followed with a lingering, dare I say meditative taste of white tea.

The Rooibos Tea was a huge favorite in this taste test and a great chocolate to convert anyone who is skeptical of vegan chocolates. Rich and chocolatey with an undeniable luscious caramel taste.

Of all the chocolates, the Orange Ginger was the most subtle. A hint of orange, a hint of ginger and then the sensation of chocolate melting on your tongue. To me, this is a connoisseur's chocolate. A connoisseur who perhaps wears glasses at the the end of his or her nose, wears tweed and perhaps smells a little like spaniels.

My favorite TerraSource chocolate was the Balsamic Strawberry. The chocolate shell was hard and almost crunchy but the filling once you bit into it was dreamy. It just melted in your mouth. It starts with a burst of fresh, just-picked strawberry but before it gets too cute you have the taste of balsamic vinegar. Even though it is unusual, I highly recommend that even the less adventurous take a walk on the wild side with this distinctive TerraSource chocolate!

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